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Money is accepted across the world as payment for goods or services. People use money to buy food, clothes and hundreds of other things. In the past, many different things were used as money. People on Pacific islands once exchanged shells for goods. The Chinese used cloth and knives. In Africa, elephant tusks or salt were used. Even today, some people in Africa are still paid in salt. Coins were first invented by the Chinese. Originally, they were round pieces of metal with a hole in the center, so that a piece of string could keep them together. This made doing business much easier, but people still found coins inconvenient to carry when they wanted to buy something expensive. To solve this problem, the Chinese again came up with the solution. They began to use paper money for coins. Now paper notes are used throughout the world.

Now you have two minutes to check through your work.



1. Lily studied drama at the university but she used to work as a policewoman.

Now she is a teacher because she likes children.

2. May I have your attention, please? Flight 5125 scheduled to take off at 11:30

will be delayed for 20 minutes. Please check-in half an hour prior to departure.  

3. There is a railway strike in the south region and several trains have been canceled, however, the strike doesn’t seem to be spreading to other regions. 

4. Latest reports from the northeast provinces say that at least sixteen people

lost their lives in Sunday’s floods. A further nine people, mostly children are

reported missing.

5. John, your paper must be revised over the weekend and handed in its final form on Monday.  If you have any problem, call the office directly.  

6. My discovery of Mary Jackson was as a matter of fact, a gift from a friend.

Years ago I was given a copy of Tell Me a Riddle, and I liked the stories.

7. Oh!  Talking about money, it’s terrible when you think how tiring the work

is.  It’s only with tips and free meals that I manage to get by.

8. A lot of drugs are missing from the cupboard here in this room so I think we

will have to look into the matter immediately.


9. W:Would you mind if we discussed tomorrow’s agenda before dinner this evening? M: Not at all. I certainly don’t want to talk about it during our meal.  

10. W:Are you going home for the summer vacation? 

M: Well, Jane and I have decided to stay on here as research assistants.

11. W:It’s so hot today, I can’t work.  I wish the air conditioner was on in this library. 

M: So do I, I’ll fall asleep if I don’t get out of this stuffy room soon.

12. W:I can’t imagine what happened to Janet.  

M: Neither can I, but I’m sure she plans to come to the party.

13.  W:Check in here?  

M: Yes, can I see your flight ticket please?  

W: Here it is.  I’m going to Lanzhou.

14. W:I heard that PICC is going to hold interviews on campus next week.  

M: Yeah, what day?  I’d like to talk to them and drop my resume.  

15. W:There must be a thunderstorm in some place because the picture isn’t very sharp and the sound isn’t very clear.  

M: I think you’re right, they said on the radio last night that a storm was coming in from the mountains and the morning paper forecast heavy rain.

16. W:The party will start at 6:30 but there are a lot of preparations to make and I need your help. Can I expect you at 5:00?  

M: I’ll be there around 5:30, all being well that is.

17. W:Excuse me, I’m enrolled to take Professor Lee’s literature course 102 and

I hear some changes have been made.  

M: Yes, the class has been moved to the north building.  Also it is now Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to 4pm. Instead of being held on Monday and Friday from 2 to 3pm. What changes! 

W: Professor Lee will still be teaching the class, right?


News Item One (18-19)

     A court in Zimbabwe is due to deliver its verdict today in a trial of a journalist who works for the British newspaper The Guaidian.  The trial is seen as a test case for the country’s strict new media laws.  Andrew Meldrum, an American

who’s lived in Zimbabwe for over twenty years is accused of publishing an untrue story and faces up to two years in prison if found guilty.  A dozen other journalists have also been charged with offenses relating to the new laws. In court Mr. Meldrum’s defense argued that his story was published in Britain. It was beyond the jurisdiction of Zimbabwean laws.

News Item Two (20-21)

      Kuala Lumpur-Afghanistan will play soccer at the Asian games.  Mongolia’s

withdrawal has given the wartorn nation a confidence boost.  The Asian Football

Confederation (AFC) announced in a statement yesterday that Afghanistan would play in the under-twenty-three tournament at the games in Bussan.  Afghanistan’s

first match will be against Iran on September 28.  The group’s other teams are Qatar and Lebanon.  Afghanistan was a founding member of the confederation in the 1950s, before entering long periods of war and factional fighting.  The country’s

chaos was largely ended after USled forces overthrew the Taliban regime last year in response to the September 11th terrorist attacks in the United States.

During the Soccer World Cup in June, the President of Afghanistan’s Football Aociation (AFA), Abdul Aleem-Kohistani said he hoped his country would be able to take part in the Asian games.

News Item Three (22-23)

     The expected life span of Beijing residents has gone up to 75.5 years old,

compared with 74.4 years old, a decade earlier. While the death rate of middle-

aged residents increased dramatically, according to recent official report. The

report made public by the Beijing Disease Control and Prevention Center said the

past mortality of people age between 35 to 54 years old had gone up 58.5% during the past ten years, from 158 people per 100,000 in 1991 to 251 people per 100,000 last year.  Infant and maternal mortality rates went down 132% and 147% respectively.  Health experts said chronic non-infectious diseases were the main causes of death covering 60% of the total number of deaths.  The male mortality is higher than that of females and the death rate among rural residents is higher than that of the urban ones.

News Item Four (24-25)

Islamabad-Pakistani President, Purvez Musherof said yesterday there was no danger of the country going to war with neighboring India but that Pakistani forces would be ready to repel any aggression.  There is no danger of war, Musherof told

reporters in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.  We should have confidence in

ourselves.  We are not sitting idle.  We are prepared for everything. There should not be any misunderstanding.  Tensions were raised this week as the two accused each other of links to killings in the two countries.  India suspects the two gunmen who killed twenty-eight at an Indian temple on Tuesday have links to Pakistanbased Islamic militant groups.  Pakistan denied any involvement in the temple massacre and police in Karachi said there were indications of India intelligence agents behind the murder of seven Christian charity workers in the city, but India rejects the charges yesterday.

This is the end of Listening Comprehension.


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Letter Writing Will Not Be Killed

Nowadays, young people choose to phone each other rather writing letters. But even if so, I still maintain that letter writing will never be killed by phones, though we have stepped into the Information Age.

First, letters can express your subtle feelings. With the increase of the living pace of modern society, we find that there is a lack of communication now. Sometimes when you are speaking to someone that you care and love on the phone, you are so shy that it’s too hard to express any of your feelings towards him/her. Your throat seems to be blocked! At this time, letters will help. Without any embarrassment, you can just write down your deep concern and love on a piece of paper. When you drop the letter into the pillar-box, you will feel what he/she will receive is not only a letter, but also your deepest love. Secondly, letters can be kept as a record of memory, while phones cannot. Just imagine, when you open an old box of letters and read them years later, a lot of beautiful and indelible memories will be brought back to you. What an irreplaceable feeling it is! And I believe, this feeling is something that you can definitely never experience through several phone calls.

All in all, letter writing will absolutely survive and even thrive in the Information Age. Phones can never kill it, neither will anything.


May 9th, 2004

Dear Jane,

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t do very well in the final exam and I know you must be very unhappy about it. But please don’t lose heart, since you have done your best. I think what you need is to sum up your mistakes and make good preparation for next time. I believe you’ll succeed. Good luck!

Yours sincerely,





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