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英语口语8000句:Unit 11 Acceptance 接受

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1. Our price is quite reasonable and other buyers in your market have accepted it.


2. Please accept our offer and confirm the above-mentioned terms immediately.


3. Owing to heavy commitments, we can not accept fresh business at present.


4. Taking the quality into consideration, we accept your offer.


5. We are pleased to have transacted our first act of business with your firm.


6. We have succeeded in putting through the deal of five hundred bicycles.


7. We have faxed our confirmation of your order and you are requested to open the L/C as soon as possible.


8. We strongly recommend acceptance as our stocks are running low.


9. With an eye to future business we’ll accept payment by D/P this time.


10. We are sorry that we cannot accept your counteroffer, as the price quoted by us is quite realistic.


11. The price you quoted being found workable, we have faxed you our acceptance.


12. We accept your offer provided that shipment is made in November.


13. Although the prevailing quotations are somewhat higher, we will accept the order on the same terms as be fore with the view of encouraging business.

尽管目前报价偏高,但为了促进今后业务的开展,我们仍将按过去 条件接受你方订单。


Dialogue 1

B: Mrs. Wang, would you give us an idea of the price you regard as workable?

W: As I said before, your price is so high that we find it difficult to make a bid. We hope you will take the initiative and bridge the gap.

B: Just to comply, we’re ready to reduce the price by 5 percent. I hope this concession of ours will get the ball rolling.

W: So do we. Certainly it’s a step forward on your side. But the gap is still too wide.

B: The ball is in your court, Mrs.Wang. What price would you suggest?

W: To make your offer workable, I think you should take another step down as big as the one you’ve just taken.

B: That won’t do. You see, our profit margin is very narrow. It simply can’t stand such a big cut.

W: I hate to disappoint you, Mr. Brown, but if that’s the case, we have no alternative but to cover our requirements elsewhere. Do think it over, please. We sincerely hope our discussion will come to a suc cess ful conclusion.

B: Well, I’m not authorized to agree to such a big reduction. Would you mind waiting a day or two, until I get a reply from the home office?

W: Not at all. Shall we meet again, say, on Friday morning?

B: Good. Friday morning at 9.

-- 王小姐,你认为什么价格可行呢?

-- 我讲过, 你方价格太高使我们很难还价,希望你方能主动弥合差距。

-- 好吧,依从你们的意见,我们准备削价5%,希望我们这次让步能 打开局面。

-- 我们也希望如此。 当然你们方面是前进了一步,但是差距还是很大。

-- 王小姐,看你的了。你出个价吧?

-- 要使你方报盘可行的话,我认为你应象刚才一样再跨出一步。

-- 这不行。你知道,我方利润额很小了,实在经不起这样大幅度的削 价了。

-- 布朗先生,我不想使你感到失望,但是如果你方坚持这样的话,我 们没有别的办法,只好从别处购买了。请仔细考虑一下,我们衷心 希望这次谈判能圆满达成。

-- 是这样,我无权同意这样大幅度的削价,请你等我一两天,好吗? 我要等国内总公司的答复。

-- 当然可以。那我们星期五上午再见面,好不好?

-- 好,星期五上午九点。

Dialogue 2

B: Good morning, Mrs.Wang. Any news?

W: Yes. I’ve succeeded in persuading our export manager to agree to a reduction of ten percent. He made this an exception with an eye to future business.

B: Good. We certainly appreciate your making these concessions for us.

W: May I repeat 15 Tunnel Drillers, specifications as shown in the technical data, at 57,000 Swiss Francs each, F.O.B. European Main Ports? Business is closed at this price.

B: Yes, that’s right. Shall we go over the other terms and conditions of the transaction to see if we agree on all the particulars?

W: All right. We have no objection to the stipulations about the packing and shipping marks. As a matter of fact, we always pack

our machines in new strong wooden cases suit able for long distance ocean transportation.

B: The machines must be well protect ed against dampness, moisture, rust, and be able to stand shock and rough handling.

W: We’ll see to that.

-- 王小姐,早上好。有什么消息吗?

-- 有,我已经说服我方出口部经理同意降价10%。他考虑到以后的生 意,所以破例降价。

-- 太好了,我们非常感激你方做出这些让步。

-- 我再重复一下报盘:15台隧道钻机,规格详见技术资料,欧洲主要 港口离岸价每台五万七千瑞士法郎。交易就按此价敲定。

-- 没错。我们再检查一下这项交易的其他条款,好吗?看看有没有意 见不一致的地方?

-- 好,我们同意关于包装和唛头的条款。其实,我们的机器包装都 采用适合于长途海洋运输的崭新牢固的木箱。

-- 机器的包装必须防湿、防潮、防锈、防震,并且经得起粗鲁的搬运。

-- 我们会注意的。


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