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Do You Know Your Own Character?

Text A

THE OX You're a hard and conscientiou's worker if you were born in the year of the Ox and you set about everything in a methodical and determined manner. You're a strong leader-tough and uncompromising. You know what you want and don't let anything stand in your way! You take responsibilities very seriously and place a great deal of trust in friends and colleagues. But if. you feel someone has let you down, you'll erupt!

You're a loner who cherishes your independence. You can be stubborn and obstinate. You're a poor loser who takes setbacks badly. As an Ox, you're often rather studious and not renowned for your sense of humour. You love tradition and are suspicious of anything new.

Your home is very important to you――it's your private sanctuary. You make sure that members of your close-knit family do their share of the work! You're neat and well-organised, and very punctual. Nothing infuriates you more than being kept waiting. Yes , you are a hard task-master !

Given the opportunity, you'd live in the country and spend hours pottering around a large garden. Not surprisingly, Oxen do well in agriculture or politics. You are also very gifted in the arts and music and many of you enjoy considerable success as musicians and composers.

Female Oxen are caring and kind. You're a loving parent and excellent organiser. You're very determined and often get what you want in life !

Sincere, loyal and unpretentious, Oxen are very down-toearth characters. You can, however, be rather reserved and some may see you as distant and aloof. Underneath that quiet nature, though, you're strong-willed and ambitious. So you have the courage of your convictions and are often prepared to stand up for what you believe.

THE TIGER Born under the sign of courage, you're charismatic and usually have firm views and beliefs. You do everything with energy and enthusiasm. A highly original thinker, you're nearly always brimming with new ideas. You adore a challenge and love getting involved. At least once in a lifetime you'll throw caution to the wind and go off and do your own thing. With your restless nature, however, your enthusiasm can soon wane.

You're impulsive and sometimes regret your actions-you need to think things through. Fortunately, you're lucky in most enterprises but, when things don't work out, you suffer bouts of depression. Although your life is a series of ups and downs you're very adaptable. With your restless spirit, you rarely stay in one place for long. You're open and honest and hate hypocrisy. So you can be rebellious at times, which can lead you into conflict. You're never one to shrink from arguments.

Tigers are natural leaders and you should rise to the top of your profession, though you don't like bureaucracy and hate obeying orders. And despite your great leadership qualities , you can be indecisive and overly sensitive to criticism. Tigresses are lively and witty, and you're great hostesses. You take care over your appearance and are good with children. You have great teachirig qualities , too. You have a very caring and generous nature.

Tigers have many commendable qualities and you are often an inspiration for other people. You'll have full and satisfying lives-provided that you can curb those wild excesses!

THE RABBIT Intelligent and well-mannered, rabbits prefer a quiet existence so you hate any sort of unpleasantness and will try to steer clear of arguments and disputes. You're a pacifist and tend to have a calming influence on those around you. With your .wide interests you appreciate the arts and finer things in life. You know how to enjoy yourself and gravitate to the best restaurants and night spots.

You're a witty and intelligent speaker and love being involved in a good discussion, when your views and advice are often sought. You rarely raise your voice in anger and will even turn a blind eye to matters which displease you just to preserve the peace. You can be a sensitive soul and take any form of criticism badly.

A quiet, efficient worker, you have an extremely good memory. You're often astute in business and finance but hate making quick decisions. You're a planner who doesn't like to take risks. Because you're, conscientious you will do well in your chosen profession-you're an excellent diplomat and would make a good lawyer or shopkeeper. You're a great collector, and many Rabbits derive pleasure from stamps or antiques.

Your home is important to you and you spend time and money on maintaining and furnishing it. Female Rabbits have caring , considerate natures and you do everything in your power to keep your home happy and loving . You're sociable and enjoy entertaining. With your great ability to get the maximum out of your time , you involve yourself in numerous activities but always find time for a chat.

The Rabbit is usually lucky in life. You often have the happy knack of being in the right place at the right time! You're talented and quick witted but sometimes put pleasure before work !

THE DRAGON You're a proud , Iively character born under the Dragon――and you have tremendous self-confidence. Dragons are highly intelligent and you're quick to take advantage of any opportunities that occur. You're a perfectionist who sets yourself high standars- you won't suffer fools gladly.

You're blunt and forthright, though occasionally gullible. When crossed, you can take quite a long time to forgive and forget. You enjoy being in the limelight and you're at your best when confronted by sticky problems. In some respects you're a showman, and you rarely lack an audience. Your views are highly valued and you invariably have something interesting to say!

Dragons have considerable energy and you're often prepared to work long and unsocial hours. You can, however, be rather impulsive and don't always consider the consequences of your actions. As you tend to live for the moment, delays irritate you more than anything. You rely tremendously on your own judgment and can be scornful of others' advice.

You cherish your independence to such a depree that you may remain single throughout your life. However, Dragons often have lots of admirers who are attracted by your flamboyance and your striking good looks.

The female Dragon knows what she wants in life, and sets about things in a very determined manner. No job is too small for you and you're often prepared to work extremely hard, though you hate being bound by routine.You do tend to speak your mind , too !

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If you're an adventurous Dragan youll love to go travelling off the beaten track. Though you're rather demanding, you have many frineds and you're nearly always the centre of attention.

Text B

WHAT'S AHEAD-THE OX It's going to be a busy and immensely satisfying year for you, during which hard work will pay off-in a big way! One turn of events may be resented at first, but this will work out well. Generally, it will be a year of surprises during which you should seize opportunities which present themselves , branching out mto new areas.

The year won't be without awkward problems, though, and you may find yourself having to deal with something distasteful. You should be wary of acting without the backing of others. Failure to do so could leave you feeling isolated.

Family matters will keep you busy and you'll also be involved in major home improvements-these could be much bigger than you first realised. Financially, it will be a very lucky year and you should think seriously about starting a long term savings policy as a shrewd investment in years to come.

Generally, 1988 will be a good year and if you follow your own judgment, it will be very fulfilling for you indeed.

WHAT'S AHEAD-THE TIGER Tigers are going to be very lucky in many ventures. You'll find yourself in demand. You need to resist distractions, however, and concentrate on one thing at a time.

At home you should tread carefully. Someone close to you may sometimes resent being kept out of your activities. Time spent with your family vill be enjoyable and rewarding and more friends will come into your circle. You'll have a very busy social life this year and several influential people will help your career.

It's a highly romantic year , too , and you may become engaged or married. Financially~, you need to restrain your spending and should seek professional advice before committing any money. Over-exertion could lead to headaches and you'll need time for recreational activities, with a few short breaks every now and then. Even Tigers need a rest! Generally, you'll be very pleased with your achievements during 1988.

WHAT'S AHEAD-THE RABBIT New and more demanding responsibilities lie ahead for Rabbits when you'll consolidate recent gains. Although generally quiet souls, you should not be afraid of making your views known. You are aiso going to be successful in financial matters but should avoid becoming overconfident with invesfments. However, you wili make several fortunate purchases.

You will experience a few difficulties in your home life and these can best be sorted out by being open and frank. To keep healthy, you should stick to a balanced diet and take plenty of exercise. You'll be spending a lot of time at home carrying out alterations. Generally, Rabbits will be pleased with any accomplishment this year. You may not be at ease with everything around you but you'll make lots of progress.

WHAT'S AHEAD-THE DRAGON As a Dragon you're going to enjoy the next 12 months-after all, it is your year 1 Never one to let the grass grow under your feet, you'll realise some of your cherished ambitions. Almost straight away there will be news of a promotion or a better job.

It promises to be an exciting, innovative year and you will have to take full advantage of the opportunities. At home you'll be busy, too, with a possible addition to the family. You may have to spend time with someone who is not in the best of health-you are renowned for your kindness and devotion. But try not to overdo things. In this busy year, though, you'll visit places you've longed to see.

With your tendency to speak your mind, you also should guard against entering into controversial discussions and making tactless remarks. Neither should you rush into any home move. Financially, you should have few problems, but avoid “get rich quick” schemes.

Additionala Information



You slippery characters are highly intelligent. Your active mind is forever planning ways to use your considerable skills. You're a deep thinker who likes to meditate. During your life you'll shed many skins and take up new interests and jobs. Snakes enjoy a challenge and rarely make mistakes.

You're usually lucky with money, thanks to your business sense. But you do have the distinction of being the worst gambler in the whole Chinese zodiac!

Generally, you're calm and placid and prefer the quiet life. Sometimes you have difficulty communicating with others but you do have a sense of humour particularly during crises.

Thorough and hard-working, you can occasionally be ruthless. Your confidence, will power and quick-thinking usually ensure success but when these fail, you take a long time to recover. You can be evasive, too, and won't let others into your nfidence. Snakes burn up so much nervous energy that, if you're not careful, you can have health problems like high blood pressure. Often a late starter, you do well in jobs that involve research, writing or planning. You're a good teacher, politician or personnel manager.

You enjoy buying expensive gifts for friends and are renowned for your good looks. Female snakes have style and grace with an excellent――and expensiye――taste in clothes. You're a keen socialiser with a wide circle of friends and a knack of impressing those who matter. Despite your many interests , you like to retain a certain amount of privacy.


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